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This is a beautiful, feature-rich and high-quality motherboard that comes with three PCI-E x16 slots and supports 2-Way SLI and 3-Way /2-Way Crossfire technology. For NVMe and SATA Solid State Drives, the motherboard comes with twin Turbo M.2 slots or sockets. The motherboard comes with onboard Wireless LAN which comes in very handy for fast-paced online gaming and wireless internet connectivity. So if you have a smaller mini-tower or mid-tower case then you can definitely get this motherboard for your new 8th generation coffee lake processors. Gigabyte Z370 HD3P is a budget mid-range motherboard that is based on the latest Z370 chipset. This is a very reliable ATX motherboard and it comes with two PCIe x16 slots for graphics cards and supports 2-way AMD Crossfire multi-GPU technology.

Unless you have an experienced and honest service provider, you cannot expect the yields that others cloud mining assures of. You buy hash power from the provider and once the contract is signed and payment is done, the mining starts right away. Cloud mining is scalable and more reliable than your home-based mining.


The ASUS Fan Extension Card makes it easy to add three additional fans and a complimentary array of thermal probes to your setup. And each header can be comprehensively controlled fan via the UEFI BIOS or our Fan Xpert 4 software. It’s ideal for high-performance air or water-cooled PCs — providing maximum cooling for marathon gaming sessions.

This program was born as a parody of another Z-utilities such as CPU-Z and GPU-Z. CUDA-Z shows some basic information about CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs. It works with nVIDIA Geforce, Quadro and Tesla cards, ION chipsets. You can completely remove the program at any time in Windows’ Programs and Features dialog.

Asrock Z370 Extreme4


Though later worms have since overshadowed Code Red, it’s still remembered by anti-virus experts as a turning point for malware because of its rapid spread. List of all viruses All viruses cataloged in Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence servers. Stuxnet First destructive ICS-targeting Trojan which destroyed part of Iran’s nuclear program.

  • This is a little different from the original CryptoNight and has higher ASIC resistance for the simple fact that it is not widely adopted to gain the attention of ASIC manufacturers.
  • Nimda was a rare combination of a worm, a virus and a Trojan horse.
  • However, with these machines, miners will be able to process a lot of transaction blocks—that is, with these machines, you will mine a lot of doge.
  • The coin algorithm is well suited for mining with the help of graphic processors, and also has the lowest block timing .
  • All of the system detection apps monitor the elements on your PC to deliver in-depth reports.

The mining start algorithm for any of the mentioned coins will be the same. The first thing you need to register in the selected network and create a wallet. Next comes the mining pool selection, entering the wallet address and updating the account. After that, it will be needed only to install the necessary software and proceed to mine. It uses a Lyra2RE proof-of-work algorithm to verify transactions. This means that it’s designed to resist the development of specific hardware to use for mining purposes by large cryptocurrency mining operations.