The very last does as well as Testament concerning ffrancis Cooke created it seaventh regarding the month that is tenth

We to be att prsent weake then Infeirme at human anatomy yett at prfect memory throw mercy Doe comitt the soule onto jesus it provided this plus my human body to your earthe; typically my own will certainly try must bee Intered inside a great to comly way; in terms of these items and lands when I stay posessed concerning I Doe will certainly plus bequeath when followeth:

One our can is the fact that hester my own Dear as well as wife that is loveing have got all my personal moveable merchthenise and each my personal Cattle of types; viz: neat Cattle horsekind sheep to swine become att this girl Dispose

Two my will likely is hester my partner shall have actually as well as Injoy my own lands both of the upland to lands that are meddow att prsent I posesse all through the girl lives

Three we doe ordaine and also appoint my personal Deare spouse to my own son John Cooke Joynt exequitors of the the stated can

Ffrancis Cooke Witnes John Alden John howland


Francis Cooke resided become concerning 70 yrs old, perishing seven 1663, Plymouth april. Their spouse Hester survived him with at the least 3 years as well as perhaps much longer. 8

Francis Cooke passed away at 1663. 12 that he passed away inside Plymouth to April seven, 1663. 13 “Francis Cooke passed away that the seauenth to Aprill, 1663. ” 29 passed away seven 1663, Plymouth april. 8 that he resided become regarding eighty yrs old, dying inside 1663; their spouse Hester survived him with at the very least 3 years as well as perhaps much longer. 8


Francis Cooke’s burial location try not known. 12


Inventory regarding the property to Francis Cooke, dead 1663

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