A Changing Landscape in College Or University Admissions

A Changing Landscape in College Or University Admissions

I am a Baby Boomer which visited college or university when you look at the late sixties. Things comprise insane in those days, because of the campus difficulty about the Vietnam combat. You may bear in mind Kent State in addition to deaths that are tragic. Radical teams took more government buildings. Pills happened to be commonplace and call at the open. It happened to be a time that is wild instead of every university, but on an adequate amount of these to inspire John Lennon to play, ‘You say you will need a revolution.’

Problems now becomen’t because openly violent, fortunately, though there being occurrences of assault centered on Liberal versus Conservative ideals, such as for example this attack on the Berkeley campus. Present ‘upheaval’ are much more slight, owing to modern technology and increasing corruption in your neighborhood of admissions.

In terms of technology goes, your may have experienced this headline:

Hackers Broke Into Admissions Databases at 3 Colleges — then wanted to promote people Their data

That’s rather remarkable. Here are some shows from Eric Hoover’s post in The Chronicle of Higher Education, in cases where it was missed by you:

On Thursday morning [March 7] a high-school older in Texas obtained a strange e-mail. ‘You are actually given an opportunity that is unique’ it mentioned, ‘to buying your entire admissions document.’

The content seemed to were delivered by Grinnell colleg Continue reading “A Changing Landscape in College Or University Admissions”