Without a doubt by what is Web Banking?

Without a doubt by what is Web Banking?

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New re re payment industry in Cellphone Banking App and online Banking

You’ll notice there’s a new industry called Reference. It’s optional, so feel free to make use of it to incorporate an invoice anything or number that would be helpful for you. In the event that you put in a guide, you’ll be in a position to notice it in your deal history.

What are the results if we don’t put such a thing within the guide industry?

The industry shall show as ‘NOTPROVIDED’ into the receiver and start to become blank in your deal receipt.

What’s the difference involving the Reference field in addition to definition field?

Think about the guide as one thing the receiver shall see plus the Description as something which is reasonable to you personally. A reference may include as much as 35 figures of figures and letters just. If you utilize emojis or special figures into the Reference field you’ll receive a ‘Payment Failed’ alert once you attempt to result in the payment, that will say there was ‘Invalid Data’. Keep in mind that the receiver will additionally see just what you’ve entered into the Reference field.


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