Following the “exposure, ” the Allens received barrages of virulent e-mails from Zonis’ account.

He later denied composing both the anonymous e-mails and some that came from their account, speculating that possibly anyone to whom he’d told their tale had taken it upon on their own to discipline the Allens, or that the Allens had been harassing one another and blaming him. He did care that is n’t much he states, because he considered the harassment trivial: “My legal rights were violated and nobody cares, and we’re still referring to just what occurred to bad Courtney? ”

After exposing the event, Steven proceeded requesting advice off their individuals from the Marriage Builders web web site. He also posted email messages between Courtney and Zonis, and a duplicate of a page which he published to Courtney: “I am therefore really sorry we hurt both you and harm you therefore profoundly for a long time, by maybe not considering your emotions near in so far as I must have, and also by demanding and disrespecting your viewpoint to obtain the thing I wanted. I happened to be controlling and abusive. I became so yes I ended up being appropriate, and having what I desired would allow you to too, I was causing. That i did son’t recognize the hurt” He didn’t understand that Zonis had discovered these articles and took them as Steven admitting to being an abuser. Continue reading “”